45-Drop Fine-Tip Plastic Disposable Pipettes (Pack of 25)

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Easily create samples and transfer liquids with inexpensive, disposable pipettes! Holds about ⅝ dram.

These fine-tip, plastic pipettes allow you to quickly fill oil vials, nasal inhalers, and other containers with tiny openings. The slim tips fit easily through an orifice reducer, so you can refill even your smallest sample vials without taking them apart. No fuss, no mess! Non-sterile.

Contents: 25 plastic pipettes.

Volume: ⅝ dram—45 drops.


  • Squeeze the bulb, dip the tip into liquid, and then release the bulb to draw liquid into the pipette.
  • Insert the fine tip into the hole of an orifice reducer (or other opening), and squeeze the bulb to release the liquid.

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