Assorted Vinyl Labels (Set of 10)

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Identify DIY blends and products with these colorful vinyls!

  • Set includes vinyls for: laundry soap, body wash, bath salts, room spray, bug spray, hand soap, first aid, owie spray, hand sanitizer, and moisturizer.
  • Long-lasting, waterproof vinyl and adhesive.
  • Fits on an assortment of bottles and salve jars.
  • Adds a professional touch to DIY projects.
  • Great for personal use or to give as a gift.

Colorful vinyl labels are a fun way to identify do-it-yourself blends for your own use or for gifts! These labels fit perfectly on our 125 and 240 ml glass bottles.


  • 1 Yellow "Laundry Soap" label.
  • 1 Turquoise "Body Wash" label.
  • 1 Bright Pink "Bath Salts" label.
  • 1 Lavender "Room Spray" label.
  • 1 Lime Green "Bug Spray" label.
  • 1 Blue "Hand Soap" label.
  • 1 Red "First Aid" label.
  • 1 Orange "Owie Spray" label.
  • 1 Green "Hand Sanitizer" label.
  • 1 Purple "Moisturizer" label.

Dimensions: Approximately 51 mm tall x 70 mm wide. (Each label has slightly different dimensions.)

Instructions: Learn to apply vinyl signs to surfaces by clicking here.

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