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  1. Aroma Heal Emotional Mindfulness Cards (Set of 74)

    SKU: 3679.v2
    A companion to the Aroma Heal books for emotional support.
    1. • 49 single oils; 25 blends.
    2. • Aspects and activities for each oil.
    3. • Focus on inner healing and higher vibration.
    4. • Sturdy, UV-coated cards for durability.

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  2. Slim & Sassy and Family Essentials Kit Tear Pad (50 Sheets)

    SKU: 3708.v2
    Share some of the most popular dōTERRA® oils and blends with this simple presentation!
    1. • One side outlines how 5 single oils create the synergistic weight-control benefits of the Slim & Sassy® blend.
    2. • Reverse side outlines the basic uses and benefits of 6 single oils and 4 blends in the Family Essentials Kit.
    3. • Clearly illustrated with full-color plant and product photographs.
    4. • Get both individuals and their families going with essential oils.
  3. Mini Foot and Hand Reflexology Chart (216 mm x 140 mm)

    SKU: 1217mini.v4

    A complete, though smaller version of reflexology points and corresponding oils.

  4. Foot and Hand Reflexology Chart (216 mm x 280 mm)

    SKU: 1217.v4

    Includes recommendations for single oils and blends at reflexology points.

  5. "Essential Oils and the Brain" Reference Cards (Pack of 25)

    SKU: 1241Chart

    These reference cards suggest essential oils and blends to use with over 50 emotions. Corresponding with the information found in the "Essential Oils and the Brain" 2-Page Foldout Guides.

  6. Essential Educators: "Chakras" Mini Tear Pad (50 Sheets)

    SKU: 3914
    How to use essential oils and yoga poses to help balance chakras.
    1. • Beautifully pictures and explains the 7 chakras.
    2. • Recommends essential oils for each chakra.
    3. • Describes aromatic and topical application.
    4. • Illustrates basic yoga poses to balance energies.
    5. • Makes a great introductory class outline and handout.
  7. "Essential Oils and the Brain" 2-Page Foldout Guide (Pack of 25)

    SKU: 3779.v2

    Discusses how essential oils can be used to support healthy brain function in adults.

  8. Essential Educators: "Yoga" Mini Tear Pad (50 Sheets)

    SKU: 3913
    Host a mini class on essential oils and yoga, or use this for individual practice!
    1. • How oils benefit a workout.
    2. • Applying oils for focus, energy, or relaxation.
    3. • Synergistic, targeted diffuser blends.
    4. • A yoga stretch to do anywhere.
    5. • Yoga mat cleaner spray.
  9. Essential Educators: "Depression" Mini Tear Pad (50 Sheets)

    SKU: 3912
    How to use essential oils for uplifting mind and body.
    1. • Single oils for symptoms.
    2. • Topical and aromatic application.
    3. • Synergistic diffuser blend recipes.
  10. Modern Essentials, September 2017, 9th Edition

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    SKU: 1151.9th

    Our most popular hardcover book just got better. Modern Essentials: The Complete Guide to the Therapeutic Use of Essential Oils is amazingly practical for anyone wanting to learn about essential oils and their everyday uses. It is the ultimate guide, whether you are a new or experienced essential oils user. The simple, easy-to-use format has been improved to help you quickly find important information: which essential oils to use for hundreds of health conditions, how to safely and effectively apply them, and ways to incorporate oils into daily living. This book is an indispensable reference for any aromatherapy library.

  11. Essential Oils and the Zombie Apocalypse: Survival Guide for a World Overrun by the Undead

    SKU: 9096Book

    An apocalyptic comic book that teaches beginners the basics on how to use essential oils every day—and, of course, in emergencies.

  12. "Oracle of the Essences" Booklet and Cards, 2nd Edition

    SKU: 4241

    Your guide to the healing and spiritual energy of plants and their natural qualities.

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  13. "Essential Oil Support for First Aid" Booklet (Pack of 10)

    SKU: 8835

    Feel confident in any emergency! Learn how to provide first aid support for many different scenarios.

  14. The Essential Oils Hormone Solution, by Mariza Snyder, DO

    SKU: 8916
    A research-based plan for hormonal health and revitalizing the body from the inside out.
    1. • Introductory chapter on using essential oils.
    2. • Top 15 oils for hormone balance.
    3. • Protocols: stress, energy, sleep, weight loss, life stages, libido, emotion, brain, digestion, toxicity.
    4. • 14-day oils jump-start for hormonal health.
    5. • 14-day healthy meal plan with recipes.
  15. "Body Systems & Essential Oils" Chart, 4th Edition

    SKU: 8889Chart.v4
    A quick-reference companion for the Symphony of the Cells booklet.
    1. • Foldout depicts all major body systems.
    2. • Oils, blends, and supplements for each system.
    3. • Notebook size laminated card stock.

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  16. "Introduction to Modern Essentials" Booklet, 10th Edition (Pack of 10)

    SKU: 1154.10th.v2
    A pocket guide to essential oils and how to use them for physical, mental, and emotional health.
    1. • All the basics to get beginners going.
    2. • New 2018 single oils and blends.
    3. • Over 60 single oils, common uses, and application methods.
    4. • Over 250 health conditions and recommended single oils, blends, and other products.
    5. • Easy DIY recipes and tips for aromatic, topical, and internal use.
  17. "Modern Essentials: Simple Solutions" Booklet, 2018 Edition (Pack of 10)

    SKU: 1157.10th
    Get new contacts using essential oils for everyday health with this pocket-sized powerhouse.
    1. • Includes new oils in the 10th edition.
    2. • Introduces essential oils and how they support the body.
    3. • Organized by common conditions.
    4. • Includes over 150 blends, recipes, and tips.
  18. "The Endocannabinoid System and its Messengers: A Basic Overview" Tear Pad (25 Sheets)

    SKU: 3932
    Summary handout for a class based on the foundational booklet!
    1. • Introduction to the 3-part ECS.
    2. • Endocannabinoids, receptors, and precursors.
    3. • How gut health affects the ECS.
    4. • How essential oils help deficiencies.
    5. • References included.
  19. "Support and Activate the Endocannabinoid System" Tear Pad (25 sheets)

    SKU: 3933
    How to use essential oils and supplements to jump-start the ECS!
    1. • Side 1: Steps for detox, repair, and activation.
    2. • Side 2: Pairing dōTERRA® products with steps.
    3. • Detailed guide with methods and dosages.
    4. • Legal, food-grade cannabinoids without psychotropic effects.
    5. • Applies knowledge from companion booklet and overview.
  20. "The Endocannabinoid System and its Messengers" Booklet, by Elise Bailey

    SKU: 8848
    Encapsulating nearly 3 decades of ECS research and showing how essential oils support this cellular system!
    1. • How ECS relates to other body systems.
    2. • Supporting and activating the ECS.
    3. • How gut health and the ECS interrelate.
    4. • Overcoming ECS deficiency with essential oils.
    5. • Foundation for overview and activation tear pads.
  21. "Optimal Nutrition and Cellular Health" Tear Pad (25 Sheets)

    SKU: 3927

    Learn how essential oils can support sound nutrition for optimal health in the gut and at the cellular level. Includes a basic protocol for using 8 dōTERRA® oils and blends.

  22. Essential Oils: A Beginner's Guide, by Stephanie Tourles

    SKU: 8844

    Restore your body, boost your mood, relax your senses, and invigorate your mind with the 25 most versatile essential oils.

  23. "Introduction to Modern Essentials" Booklet, 9th Edition (Pack of 10)

    SKU: 1154.9th

    This essential reference booklet is packed with information but small enough to carry in your pocket!

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  24. Essential Oils: Healthcare for Today (A Beginner's Guide), by Elena Yordan and Carrie Donegan

    SKU: 1160A

    Essential Oils: Healthcare for Today (A Beginners' Guide) is for both beginners and experts alike who want to more fully incorporate essential oils and other natural products into daily life.

  25. "Stress Relief Kit" Tear Pad (50 Sheets)

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    SKU: 3768.v2

    Describes how essential oils can help you manage your stress levels.

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  26. Essential Oils: Healthcare for Today (A Beginner's Guide), by Elena Yordan and Carrie Donegan

    SKU: 1160

    Essential Oils: Healthcare for Today (A Beginners' Guide) is for both beginners and experts alike who want to more fully incorporate essential oils and other natural products into daily life.

  27. "Getting the Body I Want, Naturally" Tear Pad (50 Sheets)

    SKU: 3769

    Ideal as a basic handout or the basis of a wellness class, this sheet outlines a 6-level wellness pyramid: eat right, exercise, rest and manage stress, reduce toxic load, practice informed self care, and seek proactive medical care.

  28. Lifelong Vitality Supplements Guide Sheet Tear Pad (50 Sheets)

    SKU: 3711

    Descriptions of AlphaCRS+®, xEOMega®, and Microplex VMz® Lifelong Vitality supplements. These useful handouts are a great way to introduce essential oil supplements at your events!

  29. OTC (Over-the-Counter) Comparison Chart

    SKU: 1225

    "Pure Essential Oils are Comparable to OTCs" conveniently shows which over-the-counter health products may be replaced by various essential oils and blends.

  30. "Ancient Remedies—Modern Longevity" Chart

    SKU: 1224

    This colorful, double-sided chart lists 60 acute and chronic ailments of aging, along with recommended essential oils and blends.

  31. Mini Reflex Points for Foot and Hand Chart (8-1/2" x 5-1/2")

    SKU: 1220Mini

    Quickly and easily identify the exact locations for foot and hand reflexology! Measures 8½" x 5½".

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  32. "Kid Care with Essential Oils" Chart

    SKU: 1218

    This colorful, double-sided chart tells you how to apply essential oils for 48 common childhood ailments.

  33. Reflex Points for Foot and Hand Chart (216 mm x 280 mm)

    SKU: 1220

    Quickly and easily identify the exact locations for foot and hand reflexology! Measures 8½" x 11".

  34. "12 Promising Health Benefits of Essential Oils" Brochures (Pack of 25)

    SKU: 4044

    Succinctly lists findings about 12 common health conditions, highlighting recommended essential oils and application methods for each.

  35. "Detox & Renew with Essential Oils" 2-Page Foldout (Pack of 25)

    SKU: 3756

    This 2-page, foldout guide discusses the importance of cleansing and detoxifying our bodies for optimum health and vitality.

  36. Chakra Card Set on Ring

    SKU: 4233

    Useful for beginners and experts alike, this set of cards on a ring is a great, quick reference for using aromatherapy to help balance chakras (energy centers in the body).

  37. "Chiropractic & Essential Oils: Live a Stress-Free & Healthy Life" 2-Page Foldout (Set of 25)

    SKU: 3760

    This 2-page, foldout guide discusses the importance of managing stress and maintaining health with essential oils, along with keeping your spine in alignment with chiropractic.

  38. Essential Oils for Happy Living, by Rebecca Linder Hintze

    SKU: 8802

    Healthy Living is Happy Living. Do you want to be happier? Start by getting healthier with the remarkable gifts that Mother Nature gave us in plants.

  39. Emergency Oils Tear Pad (50 Sheets)

    SKU: 3709.v2

    Outlines the uses and benefits of 15 oils and blends in the dōTERRA® Emergency Preparedness Kit.

  40. Emotional Healing with Essential Oils: A Journey of Self Discovery, by Trish Nash

    SKU: 8824

    Take a personal journey through the conscious and subconscious mind to discover the inner workings of your true self by peeling back the layers of illusion.

  41. Learn to Heal Your Life Naturally and Powerfully Invitations (Pack of 25)

    SKU: 3698

    Invite prospects to come and see how essential oils can help them take charge of their health and become healers in their own homes.

  42. Heal Your Body, by Louise Hay

    SKU: 8940

    "This little book doesn't 'heal' anyone, but it does awaken within you the ability to contribute to your own healing process."

  43. What to Do in an Emotional Emergency: 5 Practices to Find Peace, by Megan Burnside

    SKU: 8841

    While primarily a quick, emergency guide, this book is also a resource for understanding ourselves and inviting greater peace and positive change in our lives.

  44. "Reflexology Using Essential Oils" Tear Pad (25 Sheets)

    SKU: 1716TearPad

    "Reflexology Using Essential Oils" puts all the basic reflexology charts on one convenient, double-sided sheet.

  45. Essentially Happy, by Rebecca Hintze, M.Sc. and Stephanie Gunning

    SKU: 8875

    In Essentially Happy, Rebecca Hintze, MS explores depression, how we can best overcome it, how to be happy, and how essential oils can affect our mood.

  46. Chakra Wellness Made Simple, by Connie Boucher, LMT and Susan Lawton, PhD

    SKU: 8877
    Learn how to balance chakras using essential oils and living a supportive lifestyle.
    1. • Introduction to energy, auras, and chakras.
    2. • Oils, crystals, and yoga poses for each chakra.
    3. • Physical, emotional, and spiritual practices.
    4. • Discovering unique attributes and purpose.
  47. SpOil Your Pet: A Practical Guide to Using Essential Oils in Dogs and Cats, by Mia Frezzo, DVM, and Jan Jeremias, MSC

    SKU: 1170
    Written by a veterinarian as a natural complement to traditional veterinary care.
    1. • Over 50 entries that include grooming, well-being, and health conditions.
    2. • Commonly recommended oils and original recipes for dogs and cats.
    3. • Includes references.
    4. • Bookmark available to equate blends with dōTERRA® brand names.
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