Ignite Your Life: 5 Core Principles to Transform Your Past, Present and Future, by Deborah Toussaint

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This book provides humanity with an empowered means to transform and to actively walk in the light.

This book provides humanity with an empowered means to transform and to actively walk in the light. It takes great courage to step away from the habits and stories that no longer serve, to enable one to embrace a life of joy, love and wonder. It is by living in the present moment that true transformation occurs. From the succulent sweet, ever present moment we are able to hear the song of our soul calling us to the life our Soul and Creator intended for us. Here we change our lives and our destiny, we call forth all that serves us as we serve for the higher good. In this we shed a new light on being – true beingness requires mindfulness, stillness and the breath. We allow the density to dissolve and we return to the power of why we are here. We return home, to love.

Deborah has provided powerful exercises for you to undertake, one of the most powerful herein is the power of scent and aromatherapy. Nothing takes us faster down memory lane than our olfactory senses. As you inhale pure essential oils and incorporate them in your daily meditation or exercises, you enhance mindfulness and create a powerful aromatic anchor. Thus, each time you smell that particular aroma, you are transported back to the emotional state you attribute to that scent. If you felt peace or tranquility, this will cocoon you once more. If you felt joy and wonder, it will connect you back to that. Because we are programmed to respond based on the people in our family of origin, and those we grew up with, we are triggered in a myriad of ways.

Essential oils affect our brain and emotions in powerful ways, thus it is my belief that in combining essential oils and the practices in this book, you will manifest a new way of being, living and responding in the world. In this way, you will re-wire your brain, so that you are no longer stuck in ‘habit’ or stories that are not your own. You will create a new life for yourself and a new way of living joyously and expansively in the world. This book will enable you to create a miracle mindset, and to live the life you always dreamed of.

"Ignite your life” is not just a self help book, it is a system, workbook and way of life that empowers and guides you to heal from your past, transform your life and see your mind open up to your true purpose, potential, goals and dreams. It combines the healing energy of natures gifts of crystals and essential oils to raise your vibration and reading experience.”

In case you haven’t noticed, that voice in your head, your subconscious mind, has most of the power in determining the outcomes in your life. If it is secretly focused on sadness, hurt, pain, anger and frustration, there is a good chance you are missing out on a lot of success, love and joy.

Are you sick of your own defiance and the constant battle between you and the enemy; your story, limiting beliefs and sabotaging thoughts? Are you ready to own and break free of your perceived limitations and self-doubt? If you are ready to change this book is for you!

The Equilibrium Matrix explores the five core principles required to transform our perspectives from the past to find more fulfilment. Through integrating mindset, clarity, meaning, direction and consciousness, combined with 365 powerful questions, The Equilibrium Matrix will empower and inspire you towards drowning out your fears and discovering the spark in your heart – your authentic self. Page by page this book will allow your wisdom to sparkle and you will begin to shine and shed the layers of your past.

Deborah Toussaint has worked with many people who are feeling lost and unsure of where their life is heading to enable them to get clear about their life purpose and to simply feel fulfilled, for over ten years.

Having gone through a turbulent life, she has created a series of inspirational products and platforms which contain the step by step processes she utilised and needed to get herself to a place of worth, freedom, love and joy. Deborah is very passionate about sharing her knowledge with other women to save them the struggles and heartache she went through.

Deborah believes everyone has a spark within them and they deserve to shine; that’s why she wrote this book, to support anyone to ignite and transform their lives.

“Deborah Toussaint, epitomizes so beautifully what it takes to free oneself from our family history, the messages we receive growing up, and to choose instead the path of truth. She has clearly chosen to receive the challenges life has presented to her and in so doing, she has unwrapped them as gifts. She chose to grow from them, to learn from them and to shine so that others may do the same.

"In an extraordinarily courageous move, Deborah has created a simple program for all to be able to follow. One that will activate the heart and mind, freeing them from the shackles of the past, allowing them instead to expand into creating a powerful and inspired future.

"This book provides humanity with an empowered means to trans- form and to actively walk in the light. It takes great courage to step away from the habits and stories that no longer serve, to enable one to embrace a life of joy, love and wonder. It is by living in the present moment that true transformation occurs.” —Vanessa Jean Boscarello Ovens, Food Alchemy

“From the moment you open Ignite Your Life five Core Principles to Transform your past, present and future. You can feel the passion this woman has for her craft. Deborah has written this book in an easy to follow way with great activities to follow. The activities are designed for a shift in self, to open us up to our full potential. This book is from the heart and shows us it is okay to be vulnerable and that life is a story… How do you want your story to be? Thank you Deborah. A great read.” —Sally Sippel, Owner at Going Within

“There is fire and inspiration in my life now. I feel more confident, energised and healed to achieve my goals, add inspiration to my life and move forward from my past. Changing the way I think about my life and my past is the first steps to igniting my life. This book is packed with thought provoking information and principles that if applied will catapult you into your destiny.” —Allison Price

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