Online Courses

Courses by Rebecca Hintze, M.Sc.:

Emotions and Essential Oils: Psychologists concur that the Emotional Intelligence quotient (EI) is a greater indicator of overall success than our intelligence quotient (IQ). Knowing this, discovering simple and effective ways to increase emotional intelligence among the masses is central to success for psychologists and life coaches. [Click for more info.]
*Plus 6 continuing ed credits for select professionals.

Introduction to Aromatherapy: This all-inclusive Introduction to Aromatherapy Course comes complete with all you will need to know to launch yourself into the world of home health care using essential oils as natural solutions. Join essential oil expert and mental health professional, Rebecca Hintze, M.Sc. for an in depth training that includes the most complete accredited essential oil course online. [Click for more info.]
*Plus 6 continuing ed credits for select professionals & 2.5 CE credits for massage therapists

Emotions Mentor Guide to Happy Living: Success in life is determined by how well we regulate and manage our emotions. Science has shown us that our Emotional Intelligence (EI) is a higher indicator of success than our IQ. This accredited online course taught by mental health professional, Rebecca Hintze, M.Sc. will walk you through the world of Emotional Intelligence (EI) and instruct you on a unique process to release emotional blocks using the Emotional Processing Technique (EPT). [Click for more info.]

Mindful Branding: Developed by branding experts, a psychologist, and a social media influencer, "Mindful Branding" walks you through the steps that all successful brands use to create customer loyalty and connect to their purpose. From overcoming your own personal obstacles to learning how to post on social media, and from logo design to how to dress for success, this course covers all you need to firmly establish yourself and your brand for a successful year. [Click for more info.]

Essential Oils for the Birth Kit E-Course, by Stephanie Pearson

Learn how to confidently use essential oils in your prenatal health practice. Comprehensive, evidence-based, and unbiased, Essential Oils for the Birth Kit is a 5-hour e-course on using essential oil therapy for pregnancy, delivery, and newborn care. Participants learn the safe and effective clinical use of essential oils: various applications, individual properties, dosages, and contraindications. Course content is substantiated by current, peer-reviewed research.

*General audience and CEU Certification courses available. [Click here for more info.]

Surge Plan: 30 Day Challenge Online Course, by Dr. Dave Steuer

Got a month to give it your best shot? Then you can make your personal well-being and business surge at the same time. A dōTERRA® power couple shows you how.

First, after untold hours of research, Dave Steuer, DMD, and his wife, Callie, developed a complete wellness program with these outcomes: natural weight loss, increased energy, better brain function, and revitalized metabolism. Diet and exercise are supported by the dōTERRA® Cleanse and Restore kit, along with other proprietary supplements. Equally important, you can join a 30-day group for social and emotional support too. However, the Surge Plan gives you life-long access to content—not just 30 days.

Second, to bring your business along, you can sign up for the Surge Plan Affiliate Program and earn income from other customers who enroll through your social media links. [Click here for more info.]

Essential Yoga Sangha, by Mona Flynn and Asti Atkinson

Essential Yoga Sangha is an interactive two-week online course that allows participants direct access to Mona Flynn and Asti Atkinson (creators of Essential Yoga Practice) and also to each other. It's ideal for beginning yoga and essential oil students, since they'll get great step-by-step instruction on how to personalize Essential Yoga for their own practice. And there is a supportive forum so participants can ask questions and celebrate successes along the way. The class is set up so participants have complete flexibility on timing so it will work for everyone.

*General audience, teacher, and teachers plus 10 CE credits with Yoga Alliance courses available. [Click here for more info.]