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  1. doTERRA Branded Key Chain Case (Holds 15 ml or Roll-on Vials)

    SKU: DT9506
    A versatile, padded key chain case.
    1. • Holds 2 standard 15 ml vials.
    2. • Or holds 3 roll-ons (5 or 10 ml).
    3. • Includes belt loop and carabiner.
    4. • Solid colors and fashion prints.
  2. doTERRA Branded Deluxe Foam Case (Holds 79 Vials)

    SKU: DT9533
    The ultimate case for transporting, sharing, and teaching about dōTERRA® essential oils!
    1. • Compartments for 5 ml, 15 ml, and roll-on vials.
    2. • Inside and outside pockets for paper materials.
    3. • Padded throughout for protection.
    4. • Detachable, adjustable shoulder strap.
  3. doTERRA Branded Medium Versatile Aromatherapy Case (Holds 36 Vials)

    SKU: DT9536SetA

    This customizable case carries essential oils, plus other business tools and accessories.

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  4. doTERRA Branded Key Chain Case (Holds 8 Sample Vials)

    SKU: DT9504a
    Take samples of favorite essential oils with you anywhere!
    1. • Individual elastics secure vials (not included).
    2. • Holds 8 of 5/8 dram or 16 of 1/4 dram vials.
    3. • Padded construction provides extra protection.
    4. • Carabiner attaches to a key chain or a bag.
  5. Small doTERRA Branded Wooden First Aid Box (Holds 12 Sample Vials)

    SKU: DT522
    Natural wood introduces natural first aid!
    1. • Holds 12 of 1/4 or 5/8 dram vials.
    2. • Foam insert separates oils.
    3. • Includes card of oils and uses.
    4. • Ideal for gifts and prizes.
  6. Mini Bamboo Essential Oils Box (Holds 15 Vials)

    SKU: DT521Mini

    Easily store and access your essential oils with this box—complete with dividers that help to organize and keep your bottles in place.

  7. doTERRA Branded Natural Wood Essential Oil Box (Holds 36 Vials)

    SKU: DT517

    Easily store and access your essential oils with this box—complete with a foam that has separate compartments to keep your bottles in place.

  8. doTERRA Branded Travel Case (Holds 10 Vials)

    SKU: DT9511
    Great basic case for standard vials!
    1. • For 5–15 ml bottles.
    2. • Mesh pouches.
    3. • More space in middle.
    4. • Wipes easily in and out.
  9. doTERRA Branded Therapy Case with Belt Loops and Web Belt (Holds 12 Vials)

    SKU: DT9509

    Massage therapy made simple with this versatile, belted case!

  10. doTERRA Branded 4ml Sample Spray and Roll-on Case (Holds 12 Vials)

    Regular Price: A$28.75

    Special Price A$24.15

    SKU: DT9507
    Carry and share mini roll-on or spray blends!
    1. • Elastics hold any 4 ml glass vial.
    2. • Slots for cards and brochures.
    3. • Removable wrist strap.
    4. • Professional presentation.

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  11. doTERRA Branded 5/8 dram Sample Case (Holds 12 Vials)

    SKU: DT9508
    Perfect for travel or handing out samples.
    1. • Holds 12 small 1/4 or 5/8 dram vials.
    2. • Or fits 6 of 1 dram vials and 6 small.
    3. • Individual elastics secure oils.
    4. • Clear window for sample cards.
  12. doTERRA Branded 5/8 Dram Aroma Ready Keychain Case with 8 Sample Vials

    SKU: DT9504
    Conveniently take samples of favorite essential oils with you anywhere.
    1. • Includes 8 of our 5/8 dram vials (25–40 drops).
    2. • Elastics and padding protect oils.
    3. • Economical for gifts or door prizes.
  13. doTERRA Branded Round Hard Shell Case for 5/8 Dram Vials (Holds 8 Vials)

    SKU: DT9502PURFoliage
    A protective, portable, and pretty sample case!
    1. • Foam insert separates vials.
    2. • Interior ō logo pattern.
    3. • Molded, zippered shell.
  14. doTERRA Branded Double-tiered Train Case (Holds 73 Vials)

    SKU: DT9687GRY

    The ultimate, upright case for storage and travel is both practical and pretty.

  15. doTERRA Vanity Travel Bag

    SKU: DT64

    This branded, quart-size bag is perfect for carrying sample-sized toiletries when traveling.

  16. Luxury doTERRA Branded Hard Shell Carrying Case (Holds 6 Vials)

    SKU: DT9523
    Sturdy yet luxurious for daily use!
    1. • Satin-look, hard-shell exterior.
    2. • Secure, snap-shut spring.
    3. • Velvet-lined interior oil slots.
    4. • For 5–15 ml standard vials.
    5. • An elegant gift or door prize.
  17. doTERRA Plastic Gift Bags (Pack of 10)

    SKU: DT30

    Give the gift of dōTERRA®—perfect for holiday presents, welcome gifts, meeting handouts, door prizes, and more!

  18. Just-Roll-With-It Kit (Assorted 10 ml Vials)

    SKU: DT9506BLKSet1
    A complete kit keeps 3 roll-on oils at your side!
    1. • 3 colored, roll-on vials for oils or blends.
    2. • Branded, padded case for protection.
    3. • Stainless steel rollers with oil-resistant casing.
    4. • Usage booklet of oils and common conditions.

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18 Item(s)
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