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  1. doTERRA Branded Natural Wood Essential Oil Box (Holds 36 Vials)

    SKU: DT517

    Easily store and access your essential oils with this box—complete with a foam that has separate compartments to keep your bottles in place.

  2. Compact Versatile Aromatherapy Case (Holds 60 Vials)

    SKU: 9534SetA

    This compact aromatherapy case is the ultimate in convenient, versatile storage.

  3. Replacement Insert for Aroma Ready Deluxe Foam Case (Holds 79 Vials)

    SKU: 9533B

    Replacement foam insert for our Deluxe Foam Case (#DT9533K).

  4. doTERRA Branded Medium Versatile Aromatherapy Case (Holds 36 Vials)

    SKU: DT9536SetA

    This customizable case carries essential oils, plus other business tools and accessories.

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  5. doTERRA Branded Deluxe Foam Case (Holds 79 Vials)

    SKU: DT9533
    The ultimate case for transporting, sharing, and teaching about dōTERRA® essential oils!
    1. • Compartments for 5 ml, 15 ml, and roll-on vials.
    2. • Inside and outside pockets for paper materials.
    3. • Padded throughout for protection.
    4. • Detachable, adjustable shoulder strap.
  6. doTERRA Branded Multi-size Bottle Carrying Case (Holds 91 Vials)

    SKU: DT9668

    A customizable case for oil vials of all sizes that also makes room for tools and accessories.

  7. doTERRA Branded Double-tiered Train Case (Holds 73 Vials)

    SKU: DT9687GRY

    The ultimate, upright case for storage and travel is both practical and pretty.

  8. Deluxe Foam Case (Holds 79 Vials)

    SKU: 9533

    Protect your oils in their own padded compartments as you carry them—along with your printed materials and carrier oil—to meetings, classes, and trade shows.

8 Item(s)
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