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  1. Replacement Insert for Aroma Ready Deluxe Foam Case (Holds 79 Vials)

    SKU: 9533B

    Replacement foam insert for our Deluxe Foam Case (#DT9533K).

  2. doTERRA Branded Medium Versatile Aromatherapy Case (Holds 36 Vials)

    SKU: DT9536SetA

    This customizable case carries essential oils, plus other business tools and accessories.

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  3. doTERRA Branded Deluxe Foam Case (Holds 79 Vials)

    SKU: DT9533
    The ultimate case for transporting, sharing, and teaching about dōTERRA® essential oils!
    1. • Compartments for 5 ml, 15 ml, and roll-on vials.
    2. • Inside and outside pockets for paper materials.
    3. • Padded throughout for protection.
    4. • Detachable, adjustable shoulder strap.
  4. doTERRA Branded Multi-size Bottle Carrying Case (Holds 91 Vials)

    SKU: DT9668

    A customizable case for oil vials of all sizes that also makes room for tools and accessories.

  5. doTERRA Branded Double-tiered Train Case (Holds 73 Vials)

    SKU: DT9687GRY

    The ultimate, upright case for storage and travel is both practical and pretty.

  6. Deluxe Foam Case (Holds 79 Vials)

    SKU: 9533

    Protect your oils in their own padded compartments as you carry them—along with your printed materials and carrier oil—to meetings, classes, and trade shows.

  7. doTERRA Branded Natural Wood Essential Oil Box (Holds 36 Vials)

    SKU: DT517

    Easily store and access your essential oils with this box—complete with a foam that has separate compartments to keep your bottles in place.

  8. Compact Versatile Aromatherapy Case (Holds 60 Vials)

    SKU: 9534SetA

    This compact aromatherapy case is the ultimate in convenient, versatile storage.

8 Item(s)
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