Emotions & Essential Oils, 7th Edition

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  1. "Emotions & Essential Oils Wheel," 7th Edition

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    A laminated, quick-reference chart from the Emotions & Essential Oils reference guide.
    1. • Groups positive and negative emotions into categories for quick identification.
    2. • Positive emotions on one side with oil recommendations for support.
    3. • Negative emotions on reverse side with oil recommendations for clearing.
    4. • Includes all new 2018 dōTERRA® single oils and blends.
  2. "Emotions & Essential Oils: Take the Wheel" Tear Pad (50 Sheets)

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    Want to be more proactive with your emotions? Learn why emotions are normal responses to life and create awareness on how to control them better.

  3. "Finding Solutions for Everyday Problems: Answers in Aromatherapy" Tear Pad (50 Sheets)

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    Addresses the mind-body connection, details how our emotional responses trigger different chemical reactions in our brain, and explains how essential oils can help create a positive change in the emotional response process. Complements the book Emotions and Essential Oils.

  4. "Emotional Support" Make-It-Yourself Set

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    Make 10 roll-on blends for mood and emotional balance.
    1. • UV-coated, card stock recipe chart for 10 ml roll-on vials.
    2. • 1–2 moisture-resistant labels per recipe.
    3. • Timely class idea or thoughtful gift.
  5. "Essential Emotions" Recipe Booklet with Labels

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    Simple, all-natural products that provide emotional support!
    1. • Essential oils for various emotions.
    2. • Coloring therapy pages.
    3. • A dozen different personal care products.
    4. • Diffuser blends for many moods.
    5. • Moisture-proof container labels.
    6. • Part of "The Essential DIY Recipes Series."
  6. "Healing Home and Family" Booklets (Pack of 10)

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    Go beyond physical benefits! This pocket guide summarizes core emotional benefits of 11 most-recommended essential oils and blends for home and family.

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