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  1. Modern Essentials Family, 11th Editions

    SKU: 1150Family.11th
    Save on 6 reference resources for using and sharing dōTERRA® products.
    1. Modern Essentials®, Modern Essentials® Handbook, index tab stickers.
    2. • Condensed "Introduction," "Simple Solutions," "Reference Card."
    3. • 2019 single oils, blends, supplements, and personal care offerings.
    4. • dōTERRA® brand names for all proprietary blends and products.

  2. SpOil Your Pet: A Practical Guide to Using Essential Oils in Dogs and Cats, 2nd Edition, by Mia Frezzo, DVM, and Jan Jeremias, MSC

    SKU: 1170.v2
    Written by a veterinarian as a natural complement to traditional veterinary care.
    1. • Over 75 entries that include grooming, well-being, and health conditions.
    2. • Commonly recommended oils and original recipes for dogs and cats.
    3. • Includes references.
    4. • Bookmark available to equate blends with dōTERRA® brand names.
  3. Purple Plastic "0" Capsule Holder (6 Slots/6 Pegs)

    SKU: 9603PUR

    Filling capsules has never been easier!

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