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  1. Gray Folding Pill Wallet with Green Lining (Includes Pill Bags)

    SKU: 9519GRN
    Expandable wallet for 2 weeks of supplements!
    1. • 14 days of the week, 2 extra.
    2. • Removable plastic pouches.
    3. • Hook and loop wallet closure.
    4. • Zipper pocket along outside.
    5. • Refill pill pouches available.
  2. Magnetic Plastic Capsule Holder

    SKU: 9575

    This plastic capsule holder is the right tool for keeping capsules upright while you fill them with essential oils.

  3. Clear Days-of-the-Week Pill Bags

    SKU: 9519B
    Plastic replacement bags for our folding pill wallets!
    1. • 1 week's worth of bags.
    2. • Days of the week plus extra.
    3. • Slider enclosures.
  4. Design-Release, Small, Size-0, Empty Vegetarian Capsules (125 Count)

    SKU: 9818

    Take essential oils internally with these vegetarian approved, gluten free, and kosher certified capsules. Special design to dissolve slowly.

  5. Small, Size-0, Empty Vegetarian Capsules (125 Count)

    SKU: 9816

    These all-natural capsules make it easy to take essential oils internally.

  6. Design-Release, Large, Size-00, Empty Vegetarian Capsules (100 Count)

    SKU: 9819
    Made to dissolve slowly, releasing essential oils in the intestines instead of the stomach.
    1. • Large enough for ~14 drops of essential oil or carrier oil dilution.
    2. • All-natural ingredients.
    3. • Vegetarian, gluten-free, and kosher.
    4. • 5-year shelf life.
6 Item(s)
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