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  1. Modern Essentials Reflexology Chart, 10th Edition

    SKU: 1151R
    Find the exact points for foot and hand reflexology and learn which essential oils support them.
    1. • Includes new 2018 oils and blends.
    2. • Features dōTERRA® brand names for blends.
    3. • Also groups individual points by body systems.
    4. • Folds out for large, double-sided presentation.
    5. • Printed on UV-coated card stock to repel oils and water.
  2. Chakras Flip Chart

    SKU: 1227.v2

    Learn and teach the chakra balancing act with crystals and essential oils!

  3. "Romance Massage Blends" Make-It-Yourself Recipes and Label Set

    SKU: 1244Set

    Enhance romantic mood with 10 massage blends and matching labels for 1 oz. bottles.

  4. Spiky Roller Massager

    SKU: 9795

    A flexible, versatile massage tool for many benefits.

  5. MagPalm Massager

    SKU: 9796

    Use this magnetic hand roller to experience the instant relief of a professional massage!

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  6. Aroma Ready Massage Therapy Case (Holds 12 Vials)

    SKU: 9509

    Massage therapy made simple with this versatile, belted case!

  7. Wooden Roll-On Applicator for Essential Oils

    SKU: 9649

    Applying oils to your back or feet is now simple! Just mix essential oils with carrier oil in a roll-on vial, secure the vial in the applicator, and reach those hard-to-reach spots.

  8. Mini Foot and Hand Reflexology Chart (216 mm x 140 mm)

    SKU: 1217mini.v4

    A complete, though smaller version of reflexology points and corresponding oils.

  9. Foot and Hand Reflexology Chart (216 mm x 280 mm)

    SKU: 1217.v4

    Includes recommendations for single oils and blends at reflexology points.

  10. Modern Essentials, September 2017, 9th Edition

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    SKU: 1151.9th

    Our most popular hardcover book just got better. Modern Essentials: The Complete Guide to the Therapeutic Use of Essential Oils is amazingly practical for anyone wanting to learn about essential oils and their everyday uses. It is the ultimate guide, whether you are a new or experienced essential oils user. The simple, easy-to-use format has been improved to help you quickly find important information: which essential oils to use for hundreds of health conditions, how to safely and effectively apply them, and ways to incorporate oils into daily living. This book is an indispensable reference for any aromatherapy library.

  11. "Simple Massage Oils & Blends" Make-It-Yourself Set

    SKU: 1235Set

    This "Simple Massage Oils & Blends" Make-It-Yourself Set features 10 easy to make massage blends. Includes a moisture-resistant label sheet for a bottle of each recipe.

  12. 30 ml Natural Plastic Bottles with White Disc-top Caps (Pack of 6)

    SKU: 9185

    Perfect for holding travel- or sample-sized amounts gels, shampoos, lotions, massage oils, and other liquids.

  13. "Reflexology Using Essential Oils" Tear Pad (25 Sheets)

    SKU: 1716TearPad

    "Reflexology Using Essential Oils" puts all the basic reflexology charts on one convenient, double-sided sheet.

  14. doTERRA Branded Therapy Case with Belt Loops and Web Belt (Holds 12 Vials)

    SKU: DT9509

    Massage therapy made simple with this versatile, belted case!

  15. 60 ml Blue Oval Plastic Bottles with White Disc-Top Caps (Pack of 4)

    SKU: 9238B.4

    Carry and dispense travel- or sample-sized amounts of your favorite shampoos, bath gels, lotions, hand sanitizers, soaps, carrier oils, and other essential oil creations.

  16. Mini Reflex Points for Foot and Hand Chart (8-1/2" x 5-1/2")

    SKU: 1220Mini

    Quickly and easily identify the exact locations for foot and hand reflexology! Measures 8½" x 5½".

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16 Item(s)
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